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To Georgia O'Keefe

To Georgia O'Keefe

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This mountain range in the barren and desolate Green River area of eastern Utah reminded me of some of Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings of ranges found in her adopted New Mexico. The cobalt blue skies, beautiful clouds hanging over the range and contrasts of the landscape prompted me to print this image in black & white.

Although the print projects a calm and peaceful scene, over my shoulder a super cell thunderstorm that spanned three states was quickly bearing down on me. The blue-green sky was unlike anything I had ever seen. The lightning, rolling thunder and wall clouds were beautiful and picturesque, but frightening. As I headed north to Salt Lake trying to outrun the storm, I stopped whenever I could to take in the scene. But the storm caught up with me, dropping torrential rains, producing vivid lightning and spawning tornadoes.