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Tetons from Pacific Creek

Tetons from Pacific Creek

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I was in paradise once again: Jackson Hole, Wyoming is arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth. Although the weather in winter can be quite harsh, the awe-inspiring beauty mitigates the bitter cold, heavy snows and what at times can be brutal conditions.

In defiance of a dry winter season throughout the U.S., it had snowed 5 feet a couple of days before we arrived in late January. I awoke early this morning in anticipation of a spectacular day. Although bitterly cold, the cobalt-blue skies welcomed me as I entered Grand Teton NP at the Moran Junction entrance. The park at this time of year is practically empty . . . a personal playground. I chose to head up a side road to the Pacific Creek region. Driving on the winding road was as if going through a tunnel of snow. Although the roads were plowed, there was barely enough room for cars to pass one another. Fortunately, I encountered only one intrepid soul for an hour and a half while I was photographing in the area. A local, he was undaunted by the narrow road . . . he plowed through his side of the road with his 4x4 with ease.

The scenery was absolutely stunning. For this image, the deep snows of the meadow lead the viewer’s eyes to the Tetons in the background. Clouds and high winds aloft add drama to the photo.